5 Things to Consider When Buying A Baby Car Seat

What can matter more than the comfort and safety of your little one, specially when you are on the go? And, this calls for a nice and cozy baby car seat. Although, making the perfect selection seems to be a troublesome task due to that huge product range, below are 5 things to consider when buying a high backed booster car seat that would make it a child’s play.


1. Compatibility with Your Car Seat

Smaller cars with their small back seats often don’t make up for that extra space for infant car seats that are usually quite deep in structure. The first thing to check while buying a baby car seat is the compatibility between your vehicle and the seat. You may even go for a baby car seat that can fit different types of cars.


High back booster child car seat in the rear of a car


2. Ease of Use

A baby car seat must not only be great for the child, but also easy to use for the parents. So, you must make sure that the seat comes with an easy-to-follow process for the installation, as well as allows you to tackle the harness almost effortlessly. You must be able to loosen and tighten the harness as well as alter its height without much of a hassle as a smooth functioning tops the priority list for making any mechanical purchase.


3. Safety Mechanics

Each baby seat comes equipped with different safety features, and of course, calls for consideration. Make sure to look out for side impact protection so that the baby hardly faces any impact from the sides, no matter what are the driving conditions.


4. The Comfort Level

Carry the seat around the store with some weight in it for a few minutes to check if the weight and the type of handle are comfortable enough for you to carry the same. Also, go for fabrics that are breathable to make the baby feel good. Another thing to check whether the seat is rightly reclined when it’s in the car seat adapter for the stroller. It not only allows for a better airflow, but also makes sure the child’s head doesn’t roll down.


5. The Height and Weight Limit

Baby car seats are available in a huge spectrum of height and weight limits. They may reach up to 22-35 pounds for the weight, whereas the height limit ranges from 29 to 32 inches. You may need to buy more than one baby seat for your baby as they grow. Once they are in the Group 3 age range you could also consider Booster Cushions as an option.



When To Change Baby Car Seat

Once your baby exceeds the height and weight limit of the seat, you can buy a convertible seat with a higher limit for the height and weight. Most parents buy a 35 pounds rear-facing and use it rear-facing until the child hits 2 years of age or till they don’t require one in the UK. What’s great about 3-in-1 convertible car seats (high back booster car seat) is that they allow you to alter the size of the seat according to the size of your child.


Keeping the aforesaid factors in mind, it would be apt to recommend Britax Romer High-Backed Booster Car Seat, Group 2/3 as an amazing option, specially for its reduced frontal impact and compatibility with just about any car out there. Your baby can experience unbeatable comfort levels while sleeping with the multiple recline positions and ultra-soft fabric of the seat.


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